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    The Rating of Public Administrations

    We have devised the Public Rating as a tool to evaluate the performance of Public Administrations, analyzing not only budgets, but also qualitative indicators, such as governance, personnel management, services provided, tenders management.

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    Social Impact Innovation

    We design and implement innovative activities with a social impact, following the example of what has been achieved in countries such as Great Britain and USA. This is a new approach to social policies, no longer considered a cost for few, but an opportunity for development and growth for all.

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    The fight against corruption also involves a serious work of transparency and accountability: we evaluate the anti-corruption measures undertaken by Public Administrations and identify corruption risk alerts in sectors such as, among others, tenders management.

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    Open Government and Smart Cities

    On the Public Administration we hear about inefficiencies and waste, but also about smart cities, open data, open government, foia. To prevent the latter from becoming slogans, we evaluate the PAs indicating where they can innovate themselves and how.

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    Urban regereneration

    We are partners in the campaign for disused Public Goods (“Available”), launched by Cittadinanzattiva, to promote the recovery of abandoned buildings and public lands, giving citizens the opportunity of using them in the general interest.

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    Parties reform

    The ongoing scandals concerning the parties are perceived as endemic to Italian democracy, so much so as to have undermined their authority. We promote a discipline of party reforms, which ensures internal democracy and transparency in decision-making and financial processes.

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    Civic Campaigns

    We carry out initiatives together with other subjects, associations and others, promoting or adhering to campaigns, such as the one on Foia and on the improvement of the State, so as to make them more incisive.

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    Legislative Proposals

    Change sometimes requires the intervention of the legislator and for this we have made ourselves promoters of proposals, received by the Chamber of Deputies as legislative proposals, motions and parliamentary resolutions.

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    Spending monitoring of the Municipalities

    We have sent a project to evaluate how citizens’ money is spent in Municipalities compared to what is declared in the electoral programs. It is replicable on all municipalities.

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    GPSA-World Bank

    Fondazione Etica is a partner of the Global Partnership for Social Accountability – World Bank (Washington). The GPSA’s Global Partners are public institutions, organizations from civil society, private sector and academia.

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    “Save House” Fund

    Faced with the growing number of people who risk losing their homes because they can no longer pay the mortgage payments, we have designed the SaveHouse Fund.



The text of our legislative proposal on “Principle provisions on the evaluation of transparency, efficiency and integrity in public administrations” has been published and assigned to the Constitutional Affairs Commission. Here our legislative proposal Here to follow the process


There is a clear contradiction that has marked the last twenty years of administrative institutions reform; and this well before they began, with the last two legislatures, to mark time, repeating wearily, in a thousand pedantic detailed rules, a general objective of effectiveness and efficiency that could no longer be effectively pursued in daily government…

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The need for due diligence … While we keep on organising events on open government and smart cities, the true data of Italian public administrations is neglected: that, apart from some obvious best practices, they are neither smart nor open. It must be recognized that in recent years significant progress has been made in the…

Township near Cape Town, South Africa

The route on social impact innovation began with the vision of very few, now several years ago, when it seemed only an abstract and even unrealistic formula. Today, instead, it seems that everyone has become a social innovator: banks, companies, philanthropists. As if a fashion had broken out that nobody wants to stay out of….


We include the intervention of Lorenzo Barucca (National Coordinator of the Civil Economy Office of Legambiente) and Paola Caporossi (Vice-President of Fondazione Etica) at the second edition of the Summer School organized by Legambiente on “The districts of civil economy”. Intervento di Lorenzo Barucca Intervento di Paola Caporosssi Domande e interventi conclusivi  


The Region of Tuscany and Fondazione Etica, with local Caritas e Confindustria, will cooperate to start the first project with social impact. The idea came from a long way matured in recent years, in Europe and, lately, also in Italy. In particular: This gave rise to the availability of the Tuscany Region to value some assets…


“The absence of state capacity is one of the major causes of poverty and deprivation around the world. Without effective states working with active and involved citizens, there is little chance for the growth that is needed to abolish global poverty.” Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics A. Deaton

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    The Public Rating for Municipalities, Regions, Ministries

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    Rating of Municipalities with Civicum

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    Public Rating of the Municipalities – Banca Sistema

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    Against bureaucracy and waste – Chamber of Deputies

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