Where to begin

We believe that the best place to start is from the Italian Constitution. The first part (The Fundamental Principles) represents the best, most exhaustive and modern political, economic and social programme that there is.


As we said in the introduction, our starting point is the Constitution which is an excellent tool for public ethics, beneficial for Italian citizens and essential to both the political and economic governing classes. It is our intention to start here, from the Constitution, working towards its circulation and full application, not interpreting it retroactively,…


The following was taken from a speech delivered by one of the fathers of the Constitution, Piero Calamandrei, during a talk he gave to students in Milan more than half a century ago. “The Constitution is not a car that, once up and running, drives itself. The Constitution is a piece of paper: if I…


Art. 1 Italy is a democratic Republic founded on labour. Sovereignty belongs to the people and is exercised by the people in the forms and within the limits of the Constitution. Art. 2 The Republic recognises and guarantees the inviolable rights of the person, both as an individual and in the social groups where human…


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