Why create a foundation

In order to assume an active and effective role, there must be some autonomy, not just far-removed from ideologies and lobbies, but also financial autonomy. This is why we have developed the legal aspect of the foundation. The structure, by its very nature, must have financial resources and assets which enable the foundation to pursue its objectives legally independent of financial backers.

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Its initial assets came from a small group of individuals who believed whole-heartedly in the goals of the foundation and made a transparent investment to its fund. The system resembles diffuse shareholding, where generally small investments are made, and no one has superiority over anyone else.

For this reason, the foundation sees itself as service provider. Since it is not compelled to rally support like political parties are, the foundation can plan out and promote more objective solutions, regardless of their approval with the public. In this regard the foundation is a tool for public policy.

Furthermore, the foundation can recruit other skill-types found throughout Italy; for example those who are uninterested in political or institutional roles, but who, nonetheless, wish to contribute to a healthy national system. These resources are readily available and found in various sectors, such as business or science, and are just waiting for that credible outlet to come along.

The foundation does not aspire to become a centre for studies (though it could be one of excellence), nor one of the countless educational or political foundations throughout Italy that flood the scene with conferences and literature – although high in standard, they do not yield tangible results for individuals.

The foundation strives towards proposing and implementing change. Able to take its own stances, its prominence stems from its active workers and the quality of its work. Not only does it conduct studies and analyses, but creates the platform to develop solutions and encourage projects that transform information and ideas into valuable assets for everyone day in and day out.


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