Why a foundation

Fondazione Etica is a nationally recognized foundation: it is registered in the Register of Legal Persons under no. 397.

Why a Foundation?Young woman looking up from a crowd

In order to play an active and proactive role it is necessary to have autonomy, not only from ideologies and lobbies, but also financial autonomy. This is why we thought of the juridical subject of the Foundation: by its nature, it must have patrimonial and financial resources, which allow it to pursue its objectives in legal autonomy from the financiers.

The initial asset is constituted by a first nucleus of people who believe in the aims of the Foundation, to the point that we invest ourselves in a clear and transparent way. No one is in a dominant position, as in a sort of widespread shareholding, where the contributions are small and even very small.

For this reason, the Foundation intends to perform a service: as it is not bound, by its nature, to the task of representation and the search for consensus, as the parties are, instead, the Foundation can plan and advance more objective solutions, regardless of the their degree of popularity. In this sense, the Foundation is a public policy tool.

It can also involve other types of competences present in our country: those of those who are not interested in party or institutional positions, but still want to contribute to the smooth functioning of the country system. These are resources already available, active in various fields, from the entrepreneurial to the scientific one, which await only a credible signal to mobilize.

On the other hand, the Foundation does not aim to become a study center, no matter how “excellent”, nor the umpteenth foundation of education or political culture, like the many that now crowd the Italian scene with conferences and publications, often of quality, but that leave no trace on the concrete life of the citizens.

The Foundation intends to be a projectual and active subject, capable of assuming its own positions, with the authority that will┬áderive from the people who will work there and from the quality of the work it will be capable of. It will not, in fact, limit itself to carrying out studies and analyses, but it will make it the tool to build solutions and motivate projects, so that the data and ideas are transformed into a common heritage useful for everyone’s everyday life.

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