Our Story

Fondazione Etica was established in Milan in 2008 as a politically and financially independent foundation with the aim of creating a new development model characterised by social, political and economic sustainability, as well as a modern code of public ethics. The foundation has thus followed the same pathway as others world-wide who are pursuing “innovation for social change”.

Its inception began as an initiative by a group of like-minded people who were unwilling to tolerate the inability of the governing class to implement effective reforms and to exercise innovative thinking and decision-making.

In lieu of an extended list of problems, the Foundation preferred to become a positive force, a foundation that studies the issues to develop carefully-planned solutions that are part of a greater and more coherent vision. The solutions are not intended to address individual interests directly, but rather the overall mechanism of the institutions, and of their role and authority in Italy. These institutions must not be far-removed or detached from society, and know how to work within society while governing it.

The Fondazione Etica has no political alignment and is not affiliated with any Italian political party, nor does it wish to become their rival. It does not follow, and in fact greatly opposes, the anti-political movement which is often only a destructive alternative that offers no constructive solutions.

By contrast, supporters of Fondazione Etica wish to be a positive force, to collaborate rather than take the place of other groups; to be active and effective participants in various sectors, but mainly in the public sphere (see section: “What we do”).

It is a foundation for new ideas, and for new people, many of whom possess the skills, know-how and qualities that are often undervalued. Such individuals are willing to work towards a common goal for the good of society.

The foundation does not aspire to become one of the numerous cultural centres found across Italy. It aims to undertake initiatives for not only developing abstract ideas, but those that can be conducive to developing clear, effective and innovative projects.

As well as being an indispensable scientific enterprise, the Fondazione Etica will be known for its wide-reaching activities, communicating to laypersons about issues related to everyday life.


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