Our history

Fondazione Etica was established in 2008, in Milan, as an independent tool, politically and financially, to innovate in the public and social sphere.

The ultimate goal is to help develop a new development model based on social, political and economic sustainability, as well as based on modern public ethics. Thus it embarks on the path already started in other parts of the world with the name of “social impact innovation”.

 The Foundation was founded on the initiative of a heterogeneous group of people united by the intention of not assisting passively to the lack of effective reforms and to the innovative and decision-making incapacity sometimes demonstrated by the ruling class.

Faced with the easy and widespread tendency to list problems, the Foundation has preferred to propose itself as a positive tool, to think and build solutions, not improvised, but part of a larger and more coherent project. Solutions that do not satisfy this or that interest, but that respond to an overall design of the institutions, their role and their authority in our country. Institutions that are not detached and distant from society, that know how to interpret it and at the same time guide it.

Fondazione Etica has no party character and is not connected to any of the Italian political parties. It does not even want to compete with them: we do not share, and indeed we oppose, the anti-political fashion, which often destroys without constructing alternatives.

The promoters of Fondazione Etica, on the other hand, want to positively, in addition to and not as a substitute for anyone, be proactive and active actors in various areas, mainly concerning the public machine (see Activities).

A Foundation for new ideas, but also for new people: the many that, in our country, have skills, abilities and merits that are not always valued, and that, nevertheless, would like to be able to contribute to a public purpose, to the interest and to the good common.

The Foundation does not aim to qualify as one of the many cultural centers of the peninsula: it intends to undertake initiatives that are not limited to the elaboration of abstract theories, but prove capable of constructing concrete, useful and innovative projects.

In addition to an indispensable scientific activity, therefore, the Fondazione Etica will be characterized above all by the activities of an informative nature, for non-experts, touching on themes typical of everyday life.