Our activities

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We occupy there of:

  • innovation in the public system,
  • innovation in the social politics. More in detail, these are our principal activities:
  • efficiency of the public administration (particularly, rating and         benchmarking, smart cities, and-government, heat, open-dates),
  • spending review (particularly, monitoraggio of the public expense),
  • transparency and prevention of the corruption (indicators and alert),
  • trials participated you (civic engagement, global citizen, empowerment),
  • Social Innovation (particularly, new forms of impact social finance, social inclusion, social cohesion, regeneration of public goods in disuse) innovation.
  •  modernization of the institutions.

The foundation does not aspire to become one of the numerous cultural centres found across Italy. It aims to undertake initiatives for not only developing abstract ideas, but those that can be conducive to developing clear, effective and innovative projects.

We want to contribute to the improvement of the public system (administrative system and political one), creating the conditions for social cohesion and inclusion. Those are the premises for a sustainable development.