Foreword by Jeff Thindwa On the Regions, a debate has been going on for some time that sees, on the one hand, the supporters of their complete abolition, and, on the other, the supporters of their greater functional and financial autonomy. It is a simplistic contrast, which lacks a fundamental assumption: to know the regional…


The new Fondazione Etica Report evaluates and compares the economic-financial data and the qualitative information on Italian Regions. Published by Rubbettino, in collaboration with the Public Rating Agency and Luiss-GovLoc, it is introduced by the preface of the Editor of Corriere della Sera, Luciano Fontana. The analysis was carried out according to the “Public Rating”…


There is a clear contradiction that has marked the last twenty years of administrative institutions reform; and this well before they began, with the last two legislatures, to mark time, repeating wearily, in a thousand pedantic detailed rules, a general objective of effectiveness and efficiency that could no longer be effectively pursued in daily government…


Has been published (by Rubbettino Editore) our book “Come rendere efficienti e trasparenti le Amministrazioni Pubbliche – Primo Rapporto sui Comuni tra luoghi comuni e sorprese”

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The first report on the municipalities was translated  ” From corruption to civic participation. Making public administration more open, accountable and efficient”. Buy