Has been published our new report on the Public Rating of Municipalities: NÉ SMART NÉ OPEN, INTANTO CITTÀ  Second Report comparative evaluation of performance, transparency, anti-corruption.


Has been published (by Rubbettino Editore) our book “Come rendere efficienti e trasparenti le Amministrazioni Pubbliche – Primo Rapporto sui Comuni tra luoghi comuni e sorprese”

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The first report on the municipalities was translated  ” From corruption to civic participation. Making public administration more open, accountable and efficient”. Buy


The report written in 2012 by Cittadinanza Attiva and Fondazione Etica forms part of the activity of information and civic analysis that characterize a large part of active citizens of the policies, at national and international level, and which perform a number of crucial functions for active citizenship: allows, for example, to recognize a problem…


Italian councils have been living out a paradox for some time. They were granted a vast amount of decentralised powers, but not a sufficient fiscal and financial autonomy. The continuing cuts to resources, the restraints stemming from the Stability Pact and the ever-changing regulatory framework have all directly affected the political decision-making for local administrations,…


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