Social Impact Innovation Project “Luci nel Parco”

 “Luci nel Parco” (Lights in the Park): developing social impact without spending public or philanthropic money

“Social impact innovation” has gradually become a very hip and overused formula: now everything seems to be social innovation, just like everything seems to be social impact investing.

Obviously, it’s not the case. And in order to avoid the risk that such abuse of words may ruin their true meaning and potential, Fondazione Etica tried to actually develop a project according to the social impact innovation principles: it took the burden of experimenting it, in order to realize what represents a new way of thinking social politics and economic development.

“Luci nel Parco” was born here, from an idea, development and promotion by Fondazione Etica, with its final goal being the standardization of the process and the opportunity to make the real social impact investing development possible again.