What we do



Fondazione Etica is a national, independent and non-profit foundation, established in Milan in 2008. Registered in n. 397 of the Register of Legal Persons, is chaired by Gregorio Gitti and led by Paola Caporossi, who are its founders.

 It mainly deals with:

-innovation in public administrations (in particular, administrative capacity and institutional strengthening, efficiency, quality of public spending, rating and benchmarking, spending review, smart cities, e-government, open-data);

- transparency and corruption prevention,

- participatory courses (civic engagement),

- social impact innovation (in particular in social policies: promotion, coordination and evaluation of social impact innovation projects, innovative finance with social impact; civic engagement; social inclusion, etc.);

Fondazione Etica boasts many years of experience in these activities, obtaining important awards in the Italian context, including: Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Confindustria, Kpmg, Group of States against Corruption of the Council of Europe.

Collaborates with the Ministry of Regional Affairs, Anac, Ministry of Public Function, Lega Autonomie, Anci Lombardia, Rete Comuni, Civicum for the improvement of the State, CittadinanzAttiva, Tuscany Region, Municipalities of Milan, Cuneo, Grosseto, Salerno, etc. It has Luiss University as an academic partner and collaborates with Corriere della Sera.

After being part of the European Foundation Center, Fondazione Etica has become a partner of World Bank – Global Partnership for Social Accontabiliy. Collaboration with the European Commission is starting.

Our social impact innovation and investment activity has received an important recognition from the Foundation Italia Sociale, of which it has become a participating member. For the same reason, we have been selected as the only case study to be presented at the 3rd International Conference on Social Impact Investment, in Rome, promoted by Italian and non-Italian universities, in the presence of national institutions, banks and large public investee companies.

Many projects have been carried out, conferences organized at national level, published papers and books, as well as teaching for Eunomia, the advanced training school for administrators, for Legambiente and for Luiss.