Civic table for state improvement


Fondazione Etica is part of the Civic Table for State Improvement, born from the desire to create a network of associations that already deal with the subject in various aspects such as: transparency, effectiveness, efficiency and merit in the PA. The objectives are to act more effectively at the institutions and to achieve more in terms of results achieved.

It is also a question of putting into practice the active collaboration that often lacks associations in their relationship: many, in fact, limit themselves to doing conventions or spot initiatives together, while the ambition of the Table is to start joint activities in stable way. In short, a leap in quality and a sign of maturity in the non-profit world in the civic field.

The initiative was promoted by the Civicum Association, which we thank for having also involved our Foundation.

The Civic Table at the Presidency of the Council

The first meeting of the Table took place in July 2013 in the presence of very different realities, from large trade associations to associations dedicated to the improvement of civil life, from associations of public managers to service companies dedicated to public administration. In September of the same year the first joint initiative was undertaken, sending a letter to the Presidents of the House and Senate, the Presidents and members of the Budget and Senate Commissions, in which the interested parties are formally asked to begin the formal procedure as soon as possible for the appointment of the Council of the Parliamentary Budget Office.

In May 2014, the representatives of the Civic Table were invited, at Palazzo Chigi, to a meeting promoted by the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Council, Mauro Bonaretti. On that occasion the results of the preliminary work on:

- Access to information related to public administration

- Traceability of the implementation processes of the new laws

- Transparent, efficient and effective management

- Whistleblowing for a defense of the institutions.

The Minister for Public Administration and Simplification, Marianna Madia, participating in the work, underlined the added value of the Civic Table to convey the proposals of civil society and re-launch the Italian Public Administration, through an innovative accessibility of data and information for the citizens and a management reform centered on professional competence.

The decision of the General Secretariat of Palazzo Chigi indicates a new approach to the management of the Public Administration, open to the contribution of ideas and skills of civil society in a perspective of collaboration for the common good.

Epilogue or stall?

With the change of the general secretary of Palazzo Chigi, in 2015, the undoubted progress of the collaboration with the Civic Table was blocked.

Neither was it formally communicated nor the work stop nor, even less, the motivation.

We take note of it as yet another example of participation0 active mortified and wasted.

The responsibility of those who have frustrated the energies, the time and the projects that many volunteers from different parts of Italy have donated freely for the improvement of the State remains serious.

We expect to know why.

And above all, until when.


The Civic table to improve the rule stems from the desire to seek sharing on issues such as transparency , effectiveness, efficiency and excellence in PA. Organizations participating in the work Action Institute AIDP – Associazione Italiana per la Direzione del Personale ANFACI (Osservatore) Associazione Allievi SSPA Confederazione Cida – Management e alte Professionalità per…