Legislative proposals

We are aware that to influence change – economic, political and social – the intervention of the public decision-maker is necessary, first of all of Parliament. Many of our proposals, in fact, are feasible with the current regulatory system (P.A. Rating, Monitoring on Municipalities, etc.), but others require the introduction of ad hoc regulations (Reform of parties, Social Impact Bond, etc …).

For this reason, our activity cannot do without the dialogue with the Parliament, where we make ourselves proposers of ideas.

Legislative proposals


The text of our legislative proposal on “Principles provisions on the evaluation of transparency, efficiency and integrity of public administrations” has been published and assigned to the Constitutional Affairs Commission. Here our proposal of law Here to follow the iter


The indications contained in the legislative proposal of Fondazione Etica have been largely implemented by the following bill, presented to the Chamber of Deputies on 8 July 2013, while the only issue of party financing was under discussion . Read the bill


Tax measures to encourage capitalization and financing operations to support small and medium-sized enterprises. (presented July 15, 2013, announced July 16, 2013). Read the bill




The idea of the “SalvaCasa Fund” was born in Fondazione Etica thanks to one of its founders, Francesco Guarneri. It represents a tool that allows economic and social intervention to coexist. The decision to sell residential mortgage portfolios by territorial banks is a decision that can have a significant social impact and therefore in part…


Social Impact Investing is increasingly being talked about in Italy: as a Foundation we are trying to make ourselves proponents with the legislator of rules that favour the launch of real social impact innovation projects.




With art. 24 (Measures to facilitate the participation of local communities in the protection and enhancement of the territory) of Law 164/2014 “Unblock Italy”, new strength and impetus is given to the role of citizens, individual and associated, in the care of common goods and of the general interest, as determined by the art.118 u.c….




The parliamentary resolution taken from our proposal on the new public-private instruments to deal with social policies has arrived at the Chamber of Deputies: the Social Impact Investing (SII). The parliamentary instrument has reached the publication and is now in the Finance Committee of the Chamber: it commits the Government to take a position on…


The resolution inspired by our CasaSalva project was filed. Wednesday 21 October 2015 from the Hon. Gitti, in the Finance committee (VI commission).