Bills of Law

We are aware that change (economic, political and social) can only come about by the policy-makers, namely Parliament. Many of our proposals are in fact feasible with the current legislative system (Public Administration Rating, Local Council Monitoring, etc.), but others require the implementation of ad hoc laws (Party Reform, Social Impact Bond, etc.).

This is why our work would be futile without collaborating with Parliament and offering them our proposals.

Legislative proposals


The text of our proposal of law on “Dispositions of principle in subject of evaluation of the transparency, of the efficiency and of the integrity in the public administrations.” has been published and assigned in “Commissione Affari Costituzionali”. Here our proposal of law Here to follow the iter


Provisions for the implementation of Article 49 of the Constitution concerning the internal democracy of political parties and movements and discipline of the forms of political funding . Delegation to the Government for the adoption of a single text of the rules regarding the regulation of political parties and movements , of political and electoral…


  Fiscal measures to promote the operations of capitalization and financing in support of small and medium-sized enterprises. (presented on 15 July 2013, announced July 16, 2013 ). Read the bill

Two are parliamentary motions


The “Fondo Salva Casa” is a tool that allows you to combine the economic intervention with the social. The decision to sell residential mortgage portfolios by the local banks is a decision that can have a significant social impact and therefore is partly a political decision .


The economic and financial crisis globally imposed a new awareness : the development models that have prevailed to date have shown their limits. Read the motion

In conjunction with Cittadinanzattiva, we have pushed for the following order of the day:

-Allocating unused public assets to the citizens