Cultural Change


The foundation was not founded only for the purpose of publishing books or scheduling conferences, but rather to change public policies and involve the people.

This is why we do not communicate using an overly technical language, but one that is comprehensible to the general public.

Executing change to the public and political system first implies changing the society’s frame of mind, which we believe is the premise for each and every proposal.

The concept “lavoro culturale” (cultural transformation) stems from the 1957 novel “Il Lavoro Culturale” by Luciano Bianciardi, but it was the sound political parties of a bygone period that brought it first into practice. In a not-too-distant past (circa the 1970s), amid the various public departments (home, youth, etc.), a cultural office was instated with the title of Lavoro Culturale (Cultural Transformation), as if to underscore its purpose.

Our work germinates from this concept.

Our duty is translating complex concepts into plain language, both for explaining our projects and our work, as well as for getting involved in current affairs. We feel it is our role not only to work on middle to long-term solutions, but also to offer different points of view concerning topical issues.

Current Issues


The Region of Tuscany and Fondazione Etica, with local Caritas e Confindustria, will cooperate to start the first project with social impact. The idea came from a long way matured in recent years, in Europe and, lately, also in Italy. In particular: This gave rise to the availability of the Tuscany Region to value some assets…


“The absence of state capacity is one of the major causes of poverty and deprivation around the world. Without effective states working with active and involved citizens, there is little chance for the growth that is needed to abolish global poverty.” Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics A. Deaton

Public and Private directions.  Opposite traffic sign.

“In every sector, innovation processes need time and the risk of failure is high […] that is why we must be ‘a bit crazy’ to work in the innovation field: sometimes it costs more than what it gains, if we considered the traditional cost-benefit analysis, we would not even start. But when Steve Jobs, in…


The fight against corruption in the PA needs to be built on a solid basis of Transparency, without letting it become a mere façade. Transparency alone is not enough: we need to evaluate activities and results of a PA, we need a continuous monitoring of the data collected concerning not only balance sheets, but also…


The stock market already consists of quantitative and qualitative ratings systems, which give a scale-based value for an overall performance in view of aspects such as governance, management of staff, the relationship with the population and with companies. With a ratings system for the public sector, one modelled after the private sector, the Torino 2…


All around us are forgotten wars, deaths that are seemingly insignificant compared to others, massacres that are passed up for natural disasters and, as such, are inescapable – not only by governments who turn a blind eye to them, but also by the media who avoids reporting the facts as not to compromise ratings. Our…