Scientific Board

The foundation is unwilling to submit to the common practices of other Science Committees, who showcase famous names. Just have a look around: there are many associations, foundations and research institutes that seem to jockey for the opportunity to flaunt an iconic name.

We do not feel that pursuing this objective is fruitful. We have chosen a simple organisational framework, and we prefer to keep small committees where credibility is owed to skilled and experienced individuals, rather than to the notability of a famous person, even if well-earned. In other words, we believe that the Science Committee and the administrative council should be working apparatuses, rather than a showroom. Those who generously participate do so in order to volunteer their services on the same level of those newer to the field, welcomed as members of the editorial staff.

Valerio Onida

President Scientific Board

Rocco D'Ambrosio

Philosopher and theologian

Gilberto Gabrielli

Sociologist and Business owner

Stefano Sepe

Historical of the administration

Sostenitori e Partner