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The Fondazione Etica plans and also carries out innovative schemes for social change. The idea may seem somewhat abstract or even vague, but in countries such as Great Britain and the USA this has been more of a cultural model than a political or economic one.

What is SOCIAL INNOVATION? It is simply resolves the need for a new all-encompassing development model for a community, by taking note of other previously-failed models, such as the one demonstrated in this enduring global economic crisis:

We are used to thinking of innovation, in its truest sense, as something that springs forth from universities or in important company laboratories. It is there that scientists are hard at work, applying their expert knowledge and exclusive skills in order to roll out new products (cars, washing machines, vacuum cleaners) that are beneficial to everyone. As far as social issues are concerned, the national government deals with social services, the healthcare system, economic policies and growth structures. Political organisations, such as political parties, trade unions and social movements pressure the government by putting the spotlight on what does not work effectively, or at all, and needs to be addressed. These three groups remain completely detached from one another.”

This system is no longer working.

This is evident from the overall impoverishment, social inequalities, consequential social tensions, and the inability of the government to deal with new social demands, high levels of inefficiency and public corruption.

The countries of the G8, especially Italy, must address the large need to spend on welfare services that are not covered by resources. It is here that social innovation can bridge the gaps between the need for essential services, the inadequacy of resources available to policymakers, and of investors’ need for profit. These are no longer separate and, sometimes, conflicting issues, but now go hand-in- hand to create a modern, functioning society rather than one that is ideal and fair.

What is social innovation?



The ongoing global financial crisis has taught us one thing in particular, that the previously applied growth models have demonstrated their clear limitations. This is evident in the ubiquity of impoverishment, social inequalities, the issues with public order, the inability of nations to accommodate new demands, the rampant incompetence and public corruption. Therefore, what we…



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