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The Fondazione Etica maintains its independence through funding received from individual voluntary contributions and research competitions.

Fondazione Etica also welcomes small donations from non-members. We wish to remain financially independent, so no patron ever becomes more important than others.

Donations to Fondazione Etica offer the following fiscal benefits:

– Charitable cash donations from individuals are deductible (the reduction is the marginal tax rate, or up to 43% of the donated payment) until 10% of the overall earnings declared, and no more than €70,000 per annum.


– For charitable cash donations of no greater than €2,065.83, a deduction of 19% of the donation is permitted.


Donations can be made by bank transfer payable to:


Fondazione Etica

Piazza Loggia 5 25121 Brescia

Tax Code: 98144330176

IBAN: IT36X0311111205000000035335


reason for payment “charitable donation to the Fondazione Etica”.

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