Motion Social Impact Bond

Social Impact Investing is increasingly being talked about in Italy: as a Foundation we are trying to make ourselves proponents with the legislator of rules that favour the launch of real social impact innovation projects.

The continuation of the global economic and financial crisis has imposed a new awareness: the development models that have prevailed to date have demonstrated their limits.

This is demonstrated by the general impoverishment, social inequalities, the consequent tensions of public order, the incapacity of States to face new needs, the high level of inefficiency and public corruption. It is therefore necessary to rethink an overall development model, which does not consider the social, economic and political sphere to be more separate, but interdependent.

In other countries, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries such as Great Britain, USA, Canada and Australia, the concept of social innovation, understood as the ability to respond to emerging needs with new forms of action and relationship, has been developed and imported into political and economic choices for several years.

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