Piergaetano Marchetti

Born in Milan November 30, 1939 and graduated in law from Milan University in 1962. Assistant first volunteer then ordinary institutions of private law at the University of Milan. Professor of industrial law at Bocconi University (1971-1981). Professor (1980) of commercial law at the University of Parma and then Milan’s Bocconi University, where he is currently Professor of Commercial Law, Vice Rector for Academic Governance and relations with institutions and President of the center BELIEVE ( Center for Research on European Law and History “Ariberto Pinkies”). Author of numerous publications on privatization, competition regulations, corporate law, securities markets, industrial law. He edited commentary on TU 58/1998 (the Draghi law) published by Giuffre and the commentary of the company law reform in eleven volumes being published. It ‘also the author of several essays on publishing companies and concentrations in the printing industry. He edited an extensive commentary on Law 416/1981 on publishing. He was part of the commission that prepared the new Law on the regulation of joint stock companies listed on the stock exchange and financial markets promulgated in early 1998 and the Commission Myron for the general reform of company law. He served on the Advisory Board and Warranty for privatization, established by the Government Ciampi in 1993. He is part of the Journal of the Society and the Competition and Market. Chairman of the Board of Directors of RCS Newspapers (from 15.07.2004), the publisher of the Corriere della Sera, RCS MediaGroup (from 29.04.2005) and the Fondazione Corriere della Sera (from 30.07.2004). And ‘member of the Lombard Academy of Science and Letters. And ‘notary public. E ‘was honored with the “Grand Cross of Merit of the Republic.”