“La comparsa. Perché il partito democratico non è mai nato” (Why the democratic party never came to be)

coverp3This book is a critical contribution to the current political debate. It is not an abstract discussion, but rather a first-hand account of the process involved in building up the Partito Democratico’s governing manifesto. The author, in fact, was part of the “Committee of the 45 wise persons” which, in May 2007, was given the task of writing the rules for the new political party.

The account, at times written as a personal account, unveils the unknown sides of political figures such as Veltroni, Prodi, Fassino and others, and exposes past events that were swept under the carpet and never made known to the public.

We find out for instance that Romano Prodi was the only one to oppose the untouchability of the old governing class as it was passed over to the party, while Rosy Bindi was in favour.

The PD, the Democratic Party, was born, nonetheless. But the end result is completely different from the original blueprint.

The book is not targeted specifically to the working class, but to the people – the voters who feel they only play a minor role in politics.