Our book on party reform


In Italy, the debate on political ills has been limited to impeaching public contributions, without seeing that they are only part of the problem. We need the courage to admit that the abolition of public financing of political activity cannot heal the crisis of legitimacy, as well as of representation, of the parties.

There are too many clichés on the subject: it is not true, for example, that public funding for the parties constitutes an Italian anomaly, as it is foreseen in all European democracies, with the exception of the United Kingdom, and coming to substantial and percentage amounts relevant to the total revenue of the parties.

What they really fear is not the repeal of public funding but the subordination of their legal recognition to minimum levels of internal democracy and the application of stringent transparency obligations and effective controls.

This does not mean that action must not be taken on levels and methods of public contribution, but that this must be done within the framework of a broader and more coherent regulatory framework, which takes into account different aspects and is linked to the electoral reform.


ISBN | 978-88-91111-30-2

Published in June 2013 by YCP

edited by Paola Caporossi

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