Study for the Cavalieri del Lavoro on businesses

Cav-Lav-555x233The Federazione Nazionale dei Cavalieri del Lavoro has given us the task of carrying out a study on the initiatives on transparency and corruption prevention undertaken by the companies belonging to the approximately five hundred associates (from Buzzi to Brembo to Vacchi, just to name a few etc. ).
Since these are exemplary companies, the goal is to identify the good practices implemented, make them replicable and disseminate them.
The study foresees a work of recognition of the existing situation: how many and which companies belonging to the Knights of Labor have activated Corporate Social Responsibility and Transparency initiatives internally? What are these initiatives? With what evolutions and outcomes? And what about ESG sustainability? What about the UN 2030 Agenda?
The study will verify, in particular, the adoption of measures such as the code of ethics, the legality rating, the codes of conduct, the sustainability report. In fact, these are increasingly widespread practices, especially in companies that compete in a context of international competition and on open markets. In this regard, it should be remembered that, for some years, the investigations conducted by the Prefects on the applications for Cavaliere del Lavoro have also taken into account the adoption or otherwise of some of the aforementioned practices, such as, for example, the legality rating.