Conference Cycle at the Collegio Universitario dei Cavalieri del Lavoro

The Federazione Nazionale dei Cavalieri del Lavoro has instructed us to hold a series of conferences for the guest students of their University College in Rome. The theme will be “Transparency and Prevention of Corruption: from the logic of control to the culture of efficiency and development”. The cycle will be divided into 5 meetings that will allow to analyze the issue of corruption and business ethics from different points of view, from that of central institutions to that of local administrations, from that of citizens to that of businesses, to be followed two further international meetings: one with a representative of the European Commission and the other with a representative of the World Bank.
The meeting reports can be printed in a documentation booklet to be sent to the Cavalieri del Lavoro.
The meetings were expected to take place starting from March 2020, but the health emergency made the postponement inevitable.