Approved Amendments


With art. 24 (Measures to facilitate the participation of local communities in the protection and enhancement of the territory) of Law 164/2014 “Unblock Italy”, new strength and impetus is given to the role of citizens, individual and associated, in the care of common goods and of the general interest, as determined by the art.118 u.c. of the Constitution. Municipalities have the possibility of defining, with a specific resolution, “the criteria and conditions for carrying out interventions on projects presented by single or associated citizens, as long as they are identified in relation to the area to be redeveloped”.

To prevent that citizens who choose to take action must be content to perform too limited or residual functions with respect to the possibilities offered to them by the principle of constitutional subsidiarity, limited in the original formulation of the art. 24 to “cleaning, maintenance, beautification of green areas, squares or streets”, Cittadinanzattiva proposed to expand the cases envisaged, with a symbolic and practical impact, also in the area of ​​recovery and re-use of real estate and unused areas. Furthermore, Cittadinanzattiva proposed – and obtained – to specify that such recovery and re-use must be finalised, in total harmony with the constitutional provisions, to activities of general interest, understood as care and safeguarding of common assets and protection of rights, in particular of weaker subjects.

Municipalities are therefore called upon to favour citizens for the performance of activities of general interest, not only in cleaning, maintenance and beautification of common areas, but, in particular, for the reuse and recovery of unused public goods and enhancement of limited areas of the urban and extra-urban territory.