In the control room of Agenda 190

Fondazione Etica has been called to be part of the control room of Agenda 190. This is the project launched by ANCI Lombardia, with the co-financing of Fondazione CARIPLO, and aimed at supporting (through training activities, research, drafting of guidelines and communication) the prevention of corruption in the Municipalities of Lombardia, with particular attention to the territories in which the small municipalities have started more or less structured forms of collaboration (Unions of Municipalities, associated management in the Convention, mergers).
In the control room representatives of the institutions are involved (ANAC, Region, Prefecture, Metropolitan City, Guardia di Finanza), trade associations, professional associations, associations committed to the themes of transparency and legality, Universities, Research Institutes, Statistics, Training and Standardization.
The Control Room has the task of directing and following the progress of the Project activities, and in particular:
· The optimal strategies for the implementation, on the regional territory, of prevention activities also in connection with other initiatives more generally linked to the issue of legality in the Local Public Administration;
· Public and private cooperation models, aimed at preventing crimes against the public administration;
· Strategies for coordinating corruption prevention, promoting transparency and performance plans;
· Research and training proposals;
· Strategies to align the system of corruption risk management in small municipalities and in the management associated with the requirements of the PNA and of national and international rules on risk management and corruption prevention;
· Competences (specific and transversal) and key values necessary for a good prevention of corruption.