Presentation at the WB GPSA Forum, November 2018

Fondazione Etica was again invited by the World Bank in Washington. Within the framework of the Global Partnership for Social Accountability, the director of the cofFondazione, Paola Caporossi, has been called to present the Public Rating of Municipalities as a reporting tool that can be adopted by all governments, local and national.
Jeff Thindwa, program manager of the GPSA, had known the Public Rating, as a discussant of the presentation held by Fondazione Etica last summer, in Washington.

Hence the inclusion of the Rating in the Forum program.

In the presence of over 300 components of the GPSA from all over the world, progress was made in the accountability of central and local governments, as an essential premise for the prevention of corruption and the economic and social development of a country.

(Paola with Jeff Thindwa, Program Manager)


How do Indices of Public Sector Performance Help Prevent Waste of Public Funds and Improve Governance?
-Moderator: Ronnie Hammad, Senior Operations Officer, Governance Global Practice, World Bank
-Paola Caporossi, Director and Vice President, Fondazione Etica (Italy)
-Fabio Ono, Director, Centro de Liderança Pública (Brazil)


Indices have a powerful role to play in influencing public policies and changing -behavior: not only do they allow to collect and elaborate data for statistical purposes and academic analysis, but also they provide citizens and policymakers with comprehensible and synthetic information on how much money their government spends, how and for what. In this session, you will learn from two experiences. First, the Center for Public Leadership in Brazil designed an index to evaluate the level of institutionalization of public policy and to determine the risks of policy discontinuity, which is a major source of inefficiency and misuse of public funds. Secondly, the Fondazione Etica in Italy created the Public Rating, a tool to analyze Italian municipalities’ performance, which allows people to compare among different governments, thereby generating a reputational incentive for governments to improve their performance.


Presentation at the seminar

 Speech at the seminar


Some pictures with Fabio Ono, from Brazil.