Unexpected Sicily, between platitudes and surprises

On the occasion of the regional elections in Sicily, Fondazione Etica has analyzed and compared the regions with a special statute.

For the Trentino Alto Adige they have been valued the autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano.

The Analysis concerns the indicators of the budget.

Any Regions with a special statute  gets the 7 flags of excellence of the Rating, for example Bolzano has 3 flags, below the sufficiency (51/100).

The result of Bolzano is the most amazing: it’s to the last place of the classification, and it’s overcome of 9 points percentages (60 on 100 in comparison to the 51 of Bolzano) from Sicily that it gets at least the sufficiency.

In conclusion the Sicily, that is next to last in the classification, shows to have different indicative positive and, rather, sometimes best of those of the other Statute Regions Special.

Here the paper (Ita)