Military barracks and public property in disuse: yes, but who finds the money?

Old_room_6811031135-768x512The political debate speaks of a very actual and delicate theme: from the unauthorized occupations to the sgomberis; from the lack of a house to that of a job for an increasing number of people. They are not problems brought by the migrant ones, but these increase the dimensions of it in a Country that already labored to manage the proper ones.

The proposal of Fondazione Etica, object of a proposal of law to be deposited to the Camera dei Deputati, is to create a “Fondo di Garanzia”, eventually with regional emanations, that you stimulate the start of investments in projects to social and economic impact, already on its way for a long time in other Countries.
Fondazione Etica with the Tuscany Region, Caritas and some companies in the area has started the first concrete projects with an economic and social impact starting from the regeneration of abandoned public buildings.